7 Simple Hydration Tips

By: Michelle Gilley, CPM, BSM

  1. Prevent dehydration by knowing how much water you need to drink daily. An easy rule of thumb is that your daily intake at minimum should be half your body weight in ounces. Make sure to compensate for exercise, outdoor activities, being in direct sunlight, and dry environments by drinking extra. During pregnancy, add an additional 10-15 ounces each trimester.

  2. Replace electrolytes. You can do this by drinking bottled water with electrolytes, eating fresh fruit, and salting your food to taste with a good quality sea salt, Himalayan salt, etc.).

  3. Avoid products marketed for hydration / rehydration which include dyes and processed sugar, glucose, corn syrup, sucrose or sucralose.

  4. Make fruit infusions. Start with a quart of filtered water, add lemon, 1 cup of fruit, veggies or herbs of your choice and a pinch of salt. Allow to sit for several hours before drinking.

  5. Brew herbal teas. You can drink these hot, cold, or room temperature.

  6. Keep water accessible by carrying it with you, having drinks available in multiple parts of your home and keeping extra bottles in your car.

  7. Having trouble getting in your quota of water? Try drinking with a straw and setting reminders on your phone.